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Learn how to manage your eating behavior once and for all

I am a coach and mentor for weight loss

On my weight loss program, I consult how to get rid of food dependence and lose weight once and for all.

First I tested the approach on myself, brought compulsive overeating into remission a few years ago, since then the weight has not returned.

About my personal results

Problem. Until 35 y.o., I struggled with excess weight and tried dozens of ways to lose weight.

Diets. After another diet, fasting, cleansing, herbalives, buckwheat, kefir, earrings, bracelets, band-aids, expensive pills, current pulses, lymph massages and intensive training, the weight went away for a while, and then returned in even greater quantities. There was a feeling that someone inside me was very indignant, upset and made up for what was lost, gaining a substantial reserve in case of a repetition of such tortures.

Hypothesis. Then I suggested, or maybe before implementing and changing behavioral habits, you need to do something with your head, thoughts and basic settings? After all, there are a lot of people around who can stop in time and not overeat.

I started looking for a mentor on food dependence who would put my "brains in place" or somehow persuade my "inner glutton" to stop eating too much.

Coach and mentor. Having learned from friends that there is a method that in a few sessions discourages smokers who have been smoking for 40 years nonstop, I thought — wouldn't this approach work with food? Yes, when working with food dependence, the algorithm is very similar.

Result. After of several consultations, the cult of food decreased, portions decreased, unhealthy snacks left, meals shifted from late evening to earlier. Of course, there was no goal to completely discourage the desire to eat, since a person cannot live without food. It was important to reduce the amount of food so that there was a daily calorie deficit.

Improving. Through the transformation and improvement of all spheres of life, there was an influx of new personality forces, psychological stability appeared, and as a result, there were forces to defeat and calm the "inner glutton", change healthy eating habits and consolidate them forever.

My practice and experience. After three years of therapy, I "dusted off" my honor diploma of a psychologist, completed an internship in an exclusive technique that helps get rid of food dependence, I took a course on addictions at Stanford. Now I am a certified "Realotherapist" and have been helping people to cope with the problem of excess weight for several years.

Below are photos of 2012, 2015, 2020 and 2022..

Do you want the same?

No food cravings
You will have skills how to react when you have food cravings and go through all the difficulties, setbacks in the process of working with food dependence. I know the settings and techniques how to cope with each difficulty.
No uncontrolled overeating
You will put overeating into control and remission for many years. I understand very well the hardships and difficulties of «foodaholics»
No bad mood
Without the large amount of food you will not feel deprived of joys, but on the contrary you will become lighter, more energetic, more productive and life is richer.
No food restrictions
You will eat whatever you want. There is no strict diet and prohibitions. There are some nuances, how to want reasonable meal, when and what is more effective to eat in order not to overeat.

The longer you try to lose weight,

the heavier and bigger you become

In 100% of cases, excess weight appears due to failure in eating behavior. It is a consequence of the reaction to stress and difficulties that a person has faced in the course of life before and continues to face now. 

Filling a lack of positive emotions or compensating for excess negative emotions with food is the type of protection that your inner personality has chosen at the moment. This is the most easy affordable kind of pleasure and joy for today.  

The replacement of food pleasure with more useful and developing types of activity requires the strength of personality. Then there are resources to break the circle: "the mood at work is gone -> upset -> scolded themselves or others for it -> lost the the inner resource -> eat cake."

Effective weight loss system

If a person does not know where he is going,

then any wind is in the wrong direction.


What do clients get on my

weight loss program

Managing Emotional Discomfort
Clients learn methods that help to cope with discomfort and emotional pain, which are always there when changing eating habits.

When you want something harmful for the night, but it is obvious that you have already eaten enough for the day and the excess will go into reserve, just at this moment, with my help or with the help of new knowledge, you will be able to cope with cravings, internal gluttony and obsessive thoughts about food.
Attitude to difficulties in life
Deep opinions are a model of beliefs, cognitive perseptions, and everything that leads to certain thinking, emotions, words and behavior that often destroys a person, both physically and mentally. 

We will find the gaps where the failure occurred, which leads to reduce of willpower and overeating. With the help of a new scenario, the realization of your potential and hidden opportunities begins.
Reduction of weight
Excess weight is always an imbalance of calories consumed and energy expended. And when the weight goes up, it means that you eat more than you spend. 

With the help of my techniques, you will eat less and the weight will gradually go away. In 3-4 months, on average 5-10% of the weight goes away.

Many people think that a person simply does not want to lose weight. But in fact, he can't stop overeating, not because he doesn't want to. He does not have enough personality strength to refrain from excess amount.

It is important to understand what is happening with thinking processes. Why your personality is in a constant tension mode and for what reason personal energy goes away.
Metabolic nutrition
There are many dietary tricks in nutrition.
Knowledge of important nuances triggers and accelerates metabolic processes, which allows you to burn more calories. And a certain range of products helps to get rid of night cravings for flour and sweets.

I can recommend* a delicious balanced diet of 4 meals a day, which removes the painful thoughts about what to cook and will help you get enough of the optimal amount of food. With a variety of dishes, you will not starve, but feel full and comfortable. 

*I share only as a recommendation that helped me and my clients. I'm not a dietologist, not a nutritionist. I do not conduct an examination. If you need professional advice from a nutritionist, please contact a specialist.
Calm and control
Thanks to the program with special techniques, clients become less irritable, less vulnerable, less short-tempered. Develops the ability to defend their personal boundaries, to love themselves.  

Reducing the level of control everything around and over demanding to yourself, there is more control and ability to influence external processes.. 
Only a former foodaholic able to understand the difficulties faced by a person who wants to get rid of extra pounds...

How to tune in if you have decided

If you have come to me to lose weight, it is important to try to fully trust, not to criticize methods and approaches. So you will help your psyche not to resist, not to block and open up to new information.
The sooner you begin to implement the new information that you get at the consultation, the faster the progress and weight loss will begin. It is important to tune in to the interaction internally so that I can help you.
Losing weight with my approach is losing weight forever. But in order for the food processes to be rebuilt, you need to hear and put into practice. Sometimes it will be harder than you want. It is typical. That is why in difficult moments I am in touch with you 24/7.
Due to the change in deep attitudes and processes of perception, patterns of emotions will be rebuilt in life. A series of amazing coincidences, improvements and breakthroughs can begin. Inspiration and insights.
During the program, you will feel my deep involvement and assistance. Nevertheless, there will be no pressure, coercion, criticism from my side at all. In this matter, it is important to calm down, and not start worrying even more.
Sometimes it will seem, especially at first, that the result is slow or there is no result at all or vice versa too fast. It is important to understand that the timeline could be different from your expectations. Nobody knows how should be till trying this and make a conclusion how it should be personally for you. You are unique and some erroneous norm could be. It is under my control.

The structure of my program

Duration of the program
4 months
We are working on the result. Until you tell me that you have become more resourceful, calmer and your eating behavior is under control
Duration of the first meeting
2,5 hours
At the meeting, I get acquainted with your situation and understand the reasons for being overweight. You will get the initial information of the approach and possibly even the result
During the program
min 10 meetings
There will be as much communication as is necessary for the result. From 10 meetings + SMS support
Without additional payment
all included
You will not need to pay extra during the program. 100% prepayment covers all our interactions for 4 months. Tip are welcome, but not required
What should be the coach and mentor to whom you came for help in losing weight

  • It should be a specialist with major in Psychology. It is important to understand mental processes in order to choose a personal approach to your unique personality for do not harm; 
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of methods in the field of working with addiction and addictology;
  • Must be a former food addict who was able to cope with food metabolism and bring food addiction into remission; 
  • A specialist should have a life ~ work ~ balance built in his life;

There is nothing more expensive than illness and ignoring it
My educations

My major is Master Degree

in Educational Psychology

Conditions for participation in the program 

In order to discuss the details, cost, timing, ask questions, please sign up for a free 20-minute consultation.

This does not oblige you to anything! 

We will talk to you, get acquainted, get a first impression of each other. If a spark of negative impulses does not slip through in communication, then we will agree on therapy and plan a schedule of consultations.
Questions and answers
Please read this section to avoid unreasonable expectations
I'm ready to start. What's next? 
Great! Send me the request and we will schedule a consultation time. The contact section is at the bottom of the site.
Why is it so expensive and long?
Everything in life is relative. Someone say it's too cheap and fast. Everyone has their own opportunities. I am maximally involved in the process and interaction with you. We meet at least 10 times, call up, correspond, I give materials and manuals, share my professional, personal experience and academic knowledge. Just like you, I am interested in the result. Food metabolism is a complex and long process. What has been forming in your brain for years cannot be changed easily and quickly. Quick and easy is usually effect for short time and harmful. We want reliable and gentle result. We need effort, patience, work and involvement on both sides.
What if I don't lose weight in 4 months?
Yes, you may not lose much weight in the first 4 months, but you will definitely see the dynamics, start the formation of new eating habits and consolidate new eating behavior. This time it will be easier for you to lose weight, without stress, food anguish, without torment.
Will the weight loss program work exactly?
If someone tells you that something will work 100%, it means that the person has already looked into the future and seen the result. But unfortunately, this is beyond the control of people.

Yes, you want magic, but let's be adults and not believe in magic, but let's let ourselves check and see what happens. There is no human development without this forward movement.

Give yourself permission to check, be a research scientist of your life. Don't expect a wizard or a God to come and magically carry you from one point of life to another.
Why is there no clear number of meetings?
Since each person is unique, the memory and speed of assimilation of information are different, the background, childhood, environment, the current level of excitement are different, so I have an individual approach to each person. For some, 10 times is enough, but someone needs more. I have high loyalty level.
I eat right, little, and the weight is growing?
M. Lomonosov concluded in the Law of Conservation of Mass: "If something has arrived somewhere, it means it has departed from somewhere. Something can't come out of nothing." 

It is important, especially at the first stage, to understand, fix, record, weigh, count, and not to estimate by eye.

Many years ago, I also thought that I didn't eat almost anything, and when I started recording KBZHU in the application, it turned out that I overeat an average of 500-1000 calories a day, including an overwhelming amount of carbohydrates, fats and sugar.
What dynamics of weight loss is not harmful to health?
The slower the body sheds extra pounds, the less stress it has and the more likely it is that there will be no hypercompensation of weight gain after the restructuring of eating behavior and habits. On average, 1-2 кг per month is optimal and healthy friendly
What if I have health problems and there are restrictions in diet?
Yes, this is a very important detail. Your attending doctor should provide you with a list of undesirable and mandatory foods that should be or are absent from the diet. Certainly, in such lists there will be no recommendations to eat more sweets and cakes. Usually, with any disease, the most basic food drugs are excluded, such as: sugar, simple carbohydrates, harmful fats, alcohol.

For 20 years I have had an autoimmune disease in which there are strict dietary restrictions. Gluten, sugar, milk, flour, fried, smoked, even some types of fruits and vegetables are not allowed. Doctors said that only because I adhere to a healthy diet, the symptoms of the disease do not progress.
Can my weight grow because of the hormonal medications I take?
If the weight increase, it means that more gets into the body than it sounds. Or because of medications, it holds up water. In general, it is not difficult to check what your weight consists of. You can buy smart scales that show all the indicators that are needed: subcutaneous, visceral fat, water, muscle mass, skeletal mass, protein, metabolism, etc.
This is certainly not a panacea, but it can't help to understand what you are made of.
Can you prescribe me medications that will take away my appetite?
No, I don't prescribe medications, I don't make diagnoses. This type of service - the effect on the brain with medications by suppressing the will and symptoms, is provided by psychiatrists and clinical specialists. I work with the cause - I provide life coaching exclusively by eliminating causes, substitute enjoying from food to another activities, reconstructing the attitude to food and the ability to be less worry. 

Moreover, if you are only relieving symptoms of appetite with the help of medications, then you are not teaching your body a new eating behavior. And as soon as you stop taking pills, you will start eating a lot again. And you don't want to take pills all your life. After all, these are not candy, but serious chemical drugs that affect certain reward centers of the brain, turn something on and turn something off.
You will conduct psychological consultations and therapy with me?
No, this is not therapy, not psychological counselling, this is a coaching and mentoring. But in any coaching there are always elements and techniques that psychologists, therapists use in their work. We can't stop them from using them :)
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