Select the line that matches the statement
Children must/should not to obey their parents always and in everything, but they can, if I eventually find the right approach to them.
I must be able to do everything I want.
Close people and subordinates must/should understand me without a word.
If I quarreled with someone, its forever.
You cant make promises that you cant keep. If you promised, then must do it.
Most part of people can not be wrong.
If by today I have achieved only a small part of what I dreamed/planned/wrote goals about 20 years ago, then I have achieved nothing and spent a lot of time uselessly.
Others should/must not see my mistakes, otherwise they will laugh at me, and this is bad and unacceptable. I have to be strong always and in everything.
It happens that civil officials (government) steal, but even if I dont like it, stealing is, although not very pleasant for my values, but still an ordinary part of peoples lives.
If a well-known luxury company provides expensive services, then all processes should take place without a hitch and roughness, everything should work smoothly, like a Swiss watch and not cause inconvenience to customers.
I can lose my achievements, but I can also achieve new heights over time. This is within the normal average human norm.
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