1. I firmly tell people how they should behave.
2. I try to think before I do anything.
3. I do as someone point to me.
4. I show empathy for people who have problems.
5. I feel pleasure when I hangout with other people.
6. I like taking care of people.
7. I like to solve problems according to logic and system.
8. I tell people what they need to do.
9. I show people my feelings without hesitation.
10. I am a polite and courteous person.
11. I act against to what people expected of me.
12. If a newcomer comes to work, I try to show him where everything is.
13. I can stay calm in a difficult situation.
14. When I am sure that I am right, I insist that others listen to me.
15. I ask a lot of questions when Im interested.
16. Work bores me quickly.
17. People expect from me that I know the answers.
18. I am asked to take care of new employees.
19. I find a common language with people who are polite to me.
20. I continue to think logically even in difficult situations.
21. My work style is systematic.
22. I dress for work mostly the same style as others.
23. I do something for others when I think they cant handle themselves.
24. I recall my past experience when I have problems.
25. People say that I am a creative and inventive person.
26. I prefer to manage myself rather than follow someone elses instructions.
27. I worry too much about people.
28. I am too emotional compared to others.
29. I expect the boss to determine (point) what I should do.
30. I take into account all points of view when I make a decision.
31. I encourage people to show their abilities.
32. People complain that I`m being bossy.
33. I have time to enjoy myself.
34. People say Im very polite.
35. People note my even character and balanced beliefs.
36. I show my feelings when I am happy or sad, so that people can congratulate or sympathize with me.
37. I`m looking out (care) for someone, even if he could handle himself.
38. I try to analyze jokes, which hurt others.
39. People do what I tell them.
40. I agree too easily with what others say.
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