1. I have strong beliefs on a number of issues (topics)
2. I weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making decisions.
3. Children should be taught to respect their elders more.
4. Most of my parents views are completely outdated.
5. I get upset when people get angry.
6. I leave myself time to assess a difficult situation before reacting to it.
7. I often follow a hunch (guesses) when I make a decision.
8. I think about the results before I do anything.
9. I rely on my experience when making a decision.
10. I can observe peoples reactions to a situation, but I dont necessarily feel the same as they do.
11. I often feel more mature than other people.
12. I often feel like Im much younger than I really am.
13. Its easy for me to share the responsibility of making a decision when its acceptable.
14. I sometimes hide my true feelings from others.
15. I sometimes think that other people behave childishly.
16. I prefer someone else to make the decision.
17. I have revised some of the beliefs I took from my parents.
18. I must to make my own decisions all the time.
19. It annoys me when others tell me what to do.
20. I agree (share, divide) with many of my parents beliefs.
21. I can learn from people who are younger than me.
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